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3 Tips to leverage your RRSP

The snow and cold has occupied most of our free time so far this year; but keep in mind that there’s less than a month left to contribute to your RRSP for the 2016 tax year! March 1, 2017 is

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BC Businesses Fall Prey to Fraud But Still Feel Risk is Low

BIV.com, March 25, 2014 Despite the fact only 5% of BC businesses perceive the threat of fraud to be high, one-third of West Coast companies admit to falling victim to a con at some point, according to a survey released

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Conference Call Confidential

One senses that marketer and blogger Seth Godin is not a huge fan of conference calls. Exhibit A: In his seven-point post, “Conference call hygiene,” his first principle is “When in doubt, don’t have one.” If you don’t like that

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Which Brands Will Triumph in 2014?

Forbes.com guest contributor Thomas Mueller, Chief Experience Officer for strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale, offers six behaviours that companies need to make in order for their brand experiences to satisfy customers. Referencing Nike, IKEA, West Jet, Nest, Amazon, and Google, Mueller

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All is Not Lost on Junior’s Harpsichord Lessons

Is little Suzie still taking tap dance classes despite being asked not to try out for the teen version of Chicago? Has Max’s basketball coach told you in no uncertain terms that your child is not the second coming of

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10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages

Have you been charged with developing your company’s LinkedIn page? Do you know what a hero image is in the world of LinkedIn? Looking for inspiration or tips on how to attract followers? Check out 2013’s top 10 company pages

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Making the Most of Your Days: A New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is always a great time for making resolutions. Eat healthy, lose weight, or finally map out a financial plan for retirement. We’ve heard them all, right? In looking forward to the year ahead, here’s an article from

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A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money Smart Kids Giveaway!

CPA Canada has developed a number of resources to educate Canadians on financial literacy. One resource that is available is “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money Smart Kids” which is a practical resource to help parents explain to kids the

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Buying/Selling Real Estate – Advice for First-Timers

By Anita Chan, CA, and Austin Kay There is an attractive allure to buying real estate. As an investment, real estate has offered one of the highest returns over the past 30+ years. During this period of time, property values

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Young CAs: Personal Finance – Practical Tips

The ICABC’s Young CA Forum will be hosting an evening event on May 22, 2013 – “Personal Finance: Practical tips to earn, spend and grow your first million!” Come and listen to our panel of financial planning and investment specialists

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